High precision engineering
and automated manufacturing

Cutting-edge technologies. We are using leading technologies to disrupt traditional manufacturing processes.

Highest quality standards. Our machines and processes ensure highest precision, performance and reliability.

Vertical value chain integration. We achieve maximum flexibility, unrivaled speed and high autonomy.

The manufacturing process

Our manufacturing at the forefront of the NewSpace industry

In less than one year, we have set up manufacturing capabilities for major rocket components, including our rocket engines. Driven by efficiency and high precision demands, our manufacturing process builds on a high degree of automation and the most advanced technologies like additive manufacturing and the use of carbon composite materials. We focus on a sustainable manufacturing process. Our in-house value creation enables maximum flexibility, unrivaled speed and highest autonomy to be at the forefront of the NewSpace industry.

Behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes

Our manufacturing team excels at building up our facilities and capabilities. Driven by passion we are shaping the future of how rockets are built.

Material and 3D components

Cutting-edge technologies

We disrupt established approaches by choosing new materials and technologies, such as additive manufacturing and carbon composites. We take special care in structural development and always opt for data-driven, high performance designs. Process automation across our manufacturing enables high launch cadence and low cost while achieving premium quality.


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