Our Mission

Engineering the future
of spaceflight

We are engineering a launch vehicle to shape the future of spaceflight.

We offer flexible, sustainable and cost-effective access to space.

Space flight will shape how humans will live, work and travel tomorrow.

Launch for life

Launching is the first step to space. By enabling access to space, we contribute to humanity’s progress and our planet’s sustainable technological and economic development.

Global impact

Monitoring the world’s most urgent issues

Space will become a key platform for many industries worldwide using satellite-based technologies. From automotive to telecommunications, satellites advance technologies on Earth and bring new capabilities of IoT, data encryption, data storage and observation to life. These applications include smart farming, water resource and fertilizer optimization and surveillance to tackle climate change.

Supported by experts from politics and industry

Our leadership team is comprised of industry leaders and domain experts, bringing decades of cumulative insight and experience to our company

“We must understand that space is the technological platform of the future. With exceptional speed, passion and technological excellence the founders of Isar Aerospace have shown that it is possible to build a company which is disrupting the commercial space flight in Europe. But this is only the beginning – I am sure there are great things to come!”

— Bulent Altan
CEO at Mynaric

“Isar Aerospace is an outstanding example for the transfer of science to entrepreneurship, a main characteristic of the Munich tech ecosystem. As an investor, I have deep trust in the founders and their team.”

— Ann-Kristin Achleitner
Investor in Isar Aerospace and Former Chaired Professor in Entrepreneurial Finance at TU Munich

“We need companies like Isar Aerospace to pioneer the European space ecosystem and to push the frontier of technology even further!”

— Josef Aschbacher
Director General at ESA

“Isar Aerospace is the winner of the German government's new space launcher competition and is thus a pioneer of a new era. The Federal government is very much looking forward to being Isar Aerospace's first customer.”

— Thomas Jarzombek
Member of the German Parliament and former Federal Aerospace Coordinator