2 Stage Orbital
Launch Vehicle

Unifying cutting-edge

Introducing our high performance two-stage launch vehicle specifically designed for small and medium satellites. We are achieving mission success through high flexibility and lower risks due to highest quality standards.

The Spectrum launch vehicle is fully designed and manufactured in-house. Since we own the design and development, we can respond to our client’s needs or requirement changes in the most flexible way. This means we can offer strong resilience through peerless autonomy.

  • 1.000kg
    Payload capability LEO
  • 700kg
    Payload capability SSO
  • 28m
    Vehicle length
  • 2m
    Vehicle diameter

Highest performance
and reliability due to
in-house manufacturing

Our engineering follows a purely data driven approach. Design decisions are based on system-level performance. This is how we achieve highest cost efficiencies allowing us to offer competitive prices to our clients.


Our fully in-house designed and manufactured high-pressure turbopump fed engines ensure superior deployment capabilities while keeping the vehicle small and easy to handle.

  • 9 engines
    First stage
  • 1 engine
    Second stage


Spectrum uses liquid oxygen and propane, offering high-performing, clean propulsion that minimizes the environmental impact of Spectrum. These propellants offer the highest density-specific impulse of all carbon-based fuels, triggering Spectrum’s performance.

Increased Payload

Payload capabilities of up to 1,000kg to low-earth orbit and a multi-ignition second stage engine enable flexible access to space for all space systems. The fully in-house developed Aquila engine enables highest performance.

  • 1.000kg
    Payload LEO
  • 700kg
    Payload SSO
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