About us

We are engineering the
future of space flight

We are engineering a launch vehicle to shape the future of space flight.

We offer flexible, sustainable and cost-effective access to space.

Space flight will shape how humans will live, work and travel tomorrow.

Who we are

We are disrupting the space industry.

Isar Aerospace was founded in 2018 to lower the entry barriers to space. By pushing the boundaries we are opening space as a platform for future technologies and competitiveness. As a launch service provider for small and medium-sized satellites we create easy access to space for global customers. Offering the first fully privately funded European solution to meet the growing global demand, Isar Aerospace is driving commercial space across all continents.

What we truly believe in
Pushing the boundaries
Limitless ambition
Building a rocket is teamwork
High precision engineering
Cutting-edge technologies
Unrivaled speed
Leadership Team

Passionate founders and the best leaders

Our leadership team unites engineering expertise, deep experience and industry knowledge with passion and motivation.

Daniel Metzler

Chief Executive Officer

Josef Fleischmann

Chief Operating Officer

Stella Guillen

Chief Commercial Officer

David Kownator

Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Oelling

Chief Digital Officer

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