exploring the depths of space for humanity

Satellite constellation launch
Isar Aerospace offers satellite constellations flexible, sustainable and cost-effective access to space. Based on cutting-edge rocket engineering research, environmentally friendly propellants and advanced manufacturing, Spectrum precisely delivers small and medium payloads to orbit.
  • Spectrum
    Spectrum is a two-stage launch vehicle that is specifically designed for satellite constellation deployment. Payload capabilities of up to 1'000kg to low-earth orbit and a multi-ignition second stage engine enable flexible access to space for major satellite systems.
  • About
    Space technology enables humanity to grow beyond the boundaries of earth. Isar Aerospace was founded in 2018 to lower the entry barriers to space and making space access affordable and sustainable.
  • Career
    Isar Aerospace is constantly seeking the most talented minds to push the frontiers of space travel. Learn about our job opportunities now and launch your career.
  • Launch
    Spectrum offers unprecedented access to space for satellite constellations and small to medium single satellites. Choose between dedicated and rideshare launch service and reserve your launch now.
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