Launch for life

Creating access to space. As a launch service provider for small and medium-sized satellites we create access to space

Enabling the future of technology. Opening space as a platform for future technologies and competitiveness

Driving the European commercial space push. Offering the first fully privately funded European solution to meet the growing global demand

Our mission

Engineering the future of space flight. Launching is the first step to space. By enabling access to space, we contribute to humanity’s progress and our planet’s sustainable technological and economic development.

Our Mission

The most versatile small launch vehicle

Introducing our high performance two-stage launch vehicle specifically designed for small and medium satellites

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Select your journey to orbit. Spectrum offers different launch configurations with an easy-to-book service, maximum flexibility, availability, and pricing options.


Fly alone and determine your orbit and time of launch.


Set your destination and time of launch while flying with others.


Enjoy routine rides with others to a predetermined orbit.


Our manufacturing at the forefront of the global NewSpace industry

Driven by efficiency and high precision demands, our manufacturing process builds on the highest degree of automation and most advanced technologies like additive manufacturing and carbon composite materials. Our vertical value chain integration provides maximum flexibility, unrivaled speed and highest autonomy to be at the forefront of the global space industry.

About us

We are disrupting the space industry

At Isar Aerospace more than 200 people from more than 40 nations are working on one goal: revolutionizing space access for small and medium satellites

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Private capital raised

over €400 million

People working at Isar Aerospace from nearly 50 nations

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