Space technology enables humanity to grow beyond the boundaries of earth. Providing the tools for protecting our planet, satellites are improving life on earth today. Based in Europe's aerospace hub Munich, Isar Aerospace was founded in 2018 to lower the entry barriers to space and making space access affordable and sustainable.
  • Bulent Altan
    Member of the Executive Board at Mynaric
    VP of Avionics, Guidance, Navigation and Control at SpaceX
    VP of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Airbus Defence and Space
  • Clemens Kaiser
    CTO at KLEO Connect
    Director of Programme Development at EUMETSAT
    Managing Director & COO at Kayser-Threde
  • Prof. Robert Schmucker
    Professor at Technical University Munich for rocketry and spaceflight
    Director of Development at Bayern-Chemie
  • Lin Kayser
    CEO at Hyperganic
    Engineering Director at Adobe
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